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The indieLove store is open for all your business needs. New stocks in the form of support packages, online workshops, training and much more will be added regularly along with a variety of special offers.


Small business support

We offer dedicated business advice, guidance, intelligence and training to small and micro independent businesses  who want to grow.
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What people think of IndieLove

indieLove is your go-to destination for realising your business dreams. Tim has delivered for me time after time working with many of my clients. His boundless enthusiasm is infectious, along with his knowledge and willingness for clients to do well. Highly recommended and them some!
Rickie Josen, Crafty Skills
Tim is an ideas guy that can harness the power of his strong network and digital media, and turn concepts into a reality using his business development knowledge whilst generating press interest in the projects he is working on.
Karen Strunks, Birmingham Social Media Cafe
Tim has a strong business focus with a creative approach – his ideas are clearly grounded in the business outcomes and his attention to detail and ability to see laterally through problems leads to effective, direct and still highly creative solutions. It is a real pleasure to have someone so hard working (and well connected!).
Verity Stokes, Katie Bard